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Match Solictors 5 Most Read Blogs of 2016

Match Solictors 5 Most Read Blogs of 2016

This year, we’ve represented clients across all areas of education law and have offered our expertise around the globe via our blogs. We take feedback over social media as to what we should write about and are pleased to announce our top 5 most read blogs of 2016:

I’ve been accused of plagiarism. How do I defend myself?

Plagiarism is taken very seriously by colleges and universities and if a student is found to be passing someone else’s work off as their own then there can be serious consequences for the student. These consequences could include expulsion from the course and often end up being life-changing for the student. We explored the issue of plagiarism in our blog, in addition to discussing how Match Solicitors can defend you in front of an Academic Misconduct Panel.

In light of the Jon Platt case, can schools still fine parents for keeping their children out of school?

Earlier in the year, the landmark Jon Platt ‘unauthorised holiday’ case ruling caused us to reflect on the law regarding holidays in term-time. Currently, unless your child is home-schooled, you as a parent or legal guardian have a responsibility to ensure that your child regularly attends school. If your child is deemed to have missed school without a sufficiently good reason, your local council or school have the right to act. You can find out more about the case and legalities surrounding term-time holidays by viewing our blog.

Teachers - what can you do if the NCTL is investigating allegations of professional misconduct?

The NCTL is an executive agency of the Department for Education whose purpose is to improve the quality of the education workforce, supporting the quality and status of the teaching profession by ensuring that in cases of serious professional misconduct, teachers are prohibited from teaching. Professional misconduct allegations are very serious, read more about how Match Solicitors can be of assistance in these cases by reading our blog.

Match Solicitors support parents after removing child from independent school

In 2016, we acted on behalf of the parents of a child who had learning difficulties, and was attending an independent school. Our clients were forced to take their child out of the independent school because the school was not providing commensurate education and care for their child. Our blog discusses how we were able to persuade the school to waive the fees in lieu of notice due to the treatment of our clients and their son, despite our clients’ contractual obligation to pay the fees.

I want my 5 year old summer-born son to have his reception year, but the school want him to go straight to Year 1. What can I do?

In September 2015, Schools Minister Nick Gibb announced the government's intention to give children born in the summer the right to start school in Reception at the age of 5. The minister wrote an open letter encouraging schools and Local Authorities to permit summer-born children to start in Reception aged 5 if that is the wish of the parents. Schools and Local Authorities often put parents under pressure to send summer-born pupils straight into Year 1, our blog advises parents on the best course of action.


2016 has been a fantastic year for Match Solicitors and we’re looking forward to the challenges that 2017 will bring.

We’d like to wish all of our clients and blog readers a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


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