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Plagiarism is considered an extremely serious offence at colleges and universities. Plagiarism is an attempt by a student to pass someone else's work off as their own. Many universities are now using sophisticated software to check assessments for plagiarism. The most commonly used software is TurnItIn. This software matches anything in the assessment to the World Wide Web and other assignments saved on the database.

Sitting exams

If a student is accused of plagiarism the consequences, if found guilty, can be serious. The penalties at most universities and colleges range from a warning to exclusion from the course.

Overturning Plagiarism Allegations

Plagiarism can occur inadvertently, through failing to reference properly, or intentionally. We have acted for a large number of students in academic misconduct panel hearings, defending the student's position rigorously but fairly. Due to our specialised knowledge in the field, and the wide experience we have had in representing students, we have achieved success in overturning plagiarism allegations, or indeed, reduced the sanction to enable the student to continue with their course.

Access to specialist barristers

With our access to specialist barristers and our own in house advocates who are able to represent you at hearings alongside submissions prepared by our team of experts, you stand the best possible chance of defending an allegation of plagiarism.

Regulated Professions

If you are in a regulated profession such as Law, Medicine, Social Work, Dentistry or Nursing, the consequences of being found guilty of plagiarism can extend to your professional registration.  If your professional body decides to, it can ask you to appear before a panel to explain why you should be registered.

It is, therefore, very important to ensure that you challenge any allegation of plagiarism with the best possible defence.

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Absolutely outstanding from all members of the team...so efficient, professional and absolute experts, such a pleasure to work with

Zaid Ali - East Sussex

I wouldn’t hesitate to use your firm again in the future, and will also happily recommend you to others requiring help.

Mrs Shaistah Siddiq-Zeidan, Exeter

Match Solicitors were highly recommended to us not only for their undisputed comprehensive knowledge of the SEN legal minefield, but for their understanding of autism and other disorders and consequent compassionate work ethic. Their diligence and consummate professionalism ensured that the Local Authority were forced to take our son’s case seriously. It is almost impossible to articulate how grateful we are to Rishi and Anita for their hard work and dedication.

Mr & Mrs Williams, Hertfordshire