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Case Studies

Recent cases we have been involved with and how these have positively affected peoples' lives.

Match assists Parents of a child with learning difficulties waive school fees due to treatment

We recently acted for the parents of a child who had learning difficulties, and was attending an independent school. Our clients were forced to take their child out of the independent school because the school was not providing commensurate education and care for their child.

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Misconduct allegations dropped against student with Match assistance

Our client was informed of an investigation against him alleging serious misconduct of a sexual nature, upon which he contacted us for immediate advice.

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Match gets favourable outcome from OIA

We recently acted for a client who sought advice from us in relation to the degree class which he had received on his undergraduate course. Our client had received a lower second class (2:2) degree despite his mitigating circumstances which had affecting his performance in both year two and year three of his three year degree.

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Private School concedes fees due to inappropriate treatment of pupil

We recently represented clients against a prestigious private school. Our client had to withdraw her son from the school as there had been problems concerning his care.

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Match successfully helps student with both a complaint to the OIA and a University Academic Appeal

We acted for a client in a long running case which first went to the OIA and then back to the University.

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Match assists student awarded a 2:2 to obtain a 2:1

We acted for a client in a long running complaint to the University against his degree classification. Our client had achieved a 2:2 degree classification. He had lodged an appeal which was rejected and had then gone through the complaint process.

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University overturns decision to withdraw student from PhD studies

We were recently instructed by a student who had been terminated from his PhD studies at his University. The University stated that he had not made sufficient academic progress in the previous academic year and therefore enacted its procedures in withdrawing him from his PhD.

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Match assists Parent who was liable to pay independent school fees

Our clients approached us further to issues they had been experiencing with their son’s independent school. Our clients had sent their son to a prestigious independent boarding school in the UK to gain his qualifications and to improve his English language skills.

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Match successfully assists student who was withdrawn from University

Our client was a PhD student who had passed her PhD with minor corrections at a reputable University. The University did not send her notification of the outcome of the oral viva examination and due to personal circumstances, our client was unable to chase for this.

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Student who failed placement year reinstated by University

Our client came to us as a result of a failed placement year on a professional skills course which was government funded. Our client had failed on this course due to mitigating circumstances and a disability which had not yet been fully diagnosed or disclosed to the University.

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Match reinstates students UCAS application after it was terminated

Our client made an application via the UCAS system for places at universities. Our client failed to place on his application form various results for examinations which he had retaken and performed better. Our client had only added the better mark. UCAS argued against this and due to the time it took to deal with the issue, cancelled his registration.

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The service was first class and I was encouraged by the Solicitors sound knowledge of education law. Having a child with special needs is a challenge to any parent and the whole process of going to an educational tribunal can be quite daunting. Match Solicitors was able to get the job done professionally and to the highest standard and yet still retaining a very caring and human side which was very reassuring.

Mrs O Akagbosu, London

We were very happy to hand over our case to Match Solicitors and allow them to do what they do best - they won our appeal. They make no guarantees but at least you know, whether you win or lose, they have done their best for your child.

Mr & Mrs O'Dea, Surrey

Nicole is excellent. She was always very attentive, meticulous and extremely organised.

David Wickenden, London